Warning strike also at bayreuth hospital

There will also be a strike at bayreuth hospital on wednesday, 10 a.M. April, a full-day warning strike of doctors will take place. According to the current status, about 20 physicians will take part. On this day, three operating rooms in the hospital and additionally the heart room are available. An operating room will be in operation at the hohe warte clinic. Emergency treatment is fully guaranteed, according to a press release from the hospital.

The emergency service agreement then provides that at least the staffing normally available at weekends will be available. The organizers of the strike will talk to all the chief physicians to clarify what staff strength will be available in the 27 individual clinics next wednesday.

Should it be necessary to postpone planned treatments or procedures, the affected patients will be informed. The klinikum bayreuth asks to excuse possible longer waiting times. A precise estimate of the impact of the warning strike cannot be made at present. Because it is unclear whether other physicians will join in.

The gross wage commission of the doctors’ union marburger bund had declared the wage negotiations for around 55,000 doctors in more than 500 municipal hospitals to have failed. For the 10. April the marburger bund has called for a warning strike. At the same time, an initial vote among the members on regular strikes is being prepared. The doctors’ union is demanding five percent more pay and limits on on-call duties, including at least two weekends off a month.

The federation of municipal employers’ associations had presented an offer during the third round of negotiations that provided for salary increases of 1.4 percent for 2019 and 0.83 percent for 2020.

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