Trial against argentina’s ex-president kirchner confirmed

trial against argentina's ex-president kirchner confirmed

Federal judge claudio bonadio confirmed the opening of a trial against kirchner and her former aubenminister hector timerman. According to the indictment, in 2013 they tried to block the international prosecution of the suspected iranian wire-pullers of the assassination attempt. 85 people lost their lives in the attack.

According to the argentine judiciary, several former iranian government officials were involved in the planning of the assassination attempt. An international arrest warrant has been issued against them. Cristina kirchner’s government signed a memorandum with the iranian government in 2013 to leave the investigation in the hands of an international truth commission. The memorandum did not become legal, however, because it was not approved by the iranian parliament.

It is the third trial against the former head of state. On friday, another federal judge decided to open proceedings against kirchner for fraud and forming a criminal association to award public construction contracts to friendly contractors. In 2017, kirchner had already been charged with alleged irregularities by the central bank in the sale of dollar futures. As a senate member, kirchner currently enjoys parliamentary immunity.

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