Traustadt loses to stadtlauringen and has to go down to the a-class

With a 2-1 victory over SG traustadt/donnersdorf, the SG stadtlauringen/ballingshausen won promotion to the district league in the relegation match in sylbach. Nearly 500 spectators saw in high summer temperatures a mabiges play, with which one did not have the feeling that it went here around class preservation or promotion. It was only in the last half hour, after the traustadt team had scored the final goal to make it 2-1, that things got exciting. However, this did not change the result.

SG stadtlauringen/B. II –
SG traustadt/donn. 2:1
the relegation match between the SG traustadt/donnersdorf and the SG stadtlauringen/ballingshausen, who are now promoted to the A-class, resulted in a 2:1 victory in the 6th minute. In the first minute the 1:0 lead for stadtlauringen through lukas eich. In the 20. In the second minute, jannik scheuring shot at goal, but the traustadt keeper philipp schenk was on the spot. Otherwise there was not much going on: it did not feel like a deciding game. In the 30. In the second minute, it was again jannik scheuring who failed to score against the traustadt goalkeeper. In turn, udo mauer had a very good chance, but missed as well.
Traustadt put on more pressure in the second half. There were opportunities on both sides, but only in the 61. In the 18th minute, the bell rang again: jannik scheuring from stadtlauring broke through on the left wing and shot flat into the far corner from 18 meters to make it 2:0. Now the game seemed to be over.
The team from traustadt mobilized their strength once again, got in front of the opponent’s goal more often and scored several free kicks and corner balls. More scenes were now taking place in the stadtlauringer penalty area and, after a cross, cedric wolf scored the final goal ten minutes before the end. In this phase, the traustadter had quite a few opportunities – especially udo mauer. But they could also be glad that the people of stadtlauringer acted too unfocused in some counterattacks. The SG stadtlauringen/ballingshausen won the relegation match 2:1 and will now be promoted to the district class, while the SG traustadt has to go down to the A-class. Gg

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