Traffic lights for the crossing to michelfeld

Good news for bicyclists and motorists: the intersection of state road 2271 and KT 23 is to be made safer with a traffic light before the end of the year. With a corresponding resolution of the building committee marktbreit on monday evening the state building office can now go into the realization of the planning.

The branch of the road to michelfeld from the staatsstrabe between marktbreit and marktsteft is a simple intersection without turning lanes. The cycle path along the staatsstrabe ends a few meters lower at the kreisstrabe, so that the cyclists have to push their bikes up an unpaved slope and then over the strabe in the crossing area. The city of marktbreit had been pushing for a long time for a solution of this knot – now it shall finally happen. In april, planning and agreement were presented to the rates and after clarification of some questions, a corresponding agreement can now be signed.

Bicycle lane is to be raised

Traffic on the intersection itself will then be controlled with traffic lights and turning lanes. The cycle path should be raised to intersection level in advance so that it can be driven on level ground for around 40 meters until the cycle path traffic light is reached. The city only has to pay a share of the costs for the cycle path, which is just under 28 percent. At the suggestion of alexander mader, it is to be examined whether the construction of the traffic lights can also take into account a future branch to a cycle path still to be built along the river main in the direction of marktbreit.

In a decision to be reviewed by the district office, as the developer is not privileged and the land use plan had to be changed.

The full closure of schulgasse due to a construction project will be extended for all traffic until the end of the year. The rate hope that the blockade for the demolition and new construction of a residential building can then be ended.

The concrete path from schlesierstrabe to the road between michelfeld and obernbreit is often used as a "slow lane" used. Since the speed on this field way is not regulated, also often fast one drives, although here an agricultural anwesen lies and gladly strolls becomes. Now the building committee has limited the speed to 50 kilometers per hour.

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