The gloss: the clandestine candidate cure

The gloss: the clandestine candidate cure

Already noticed? Candidate nominations in the closest family circle. As with the CSU, which last cured the applicant for the allegedly gigantic fubstapfen of the bundestag deputy michael glos behind closed doors. The blacks are not the only ones who fear the gaze of the public over their party-political shoulders.

Let’s look back: district council election. Grune and odp nominate rafiq iqbal as opponent of district administrator tamara bischof. The cure plays in various back rooms. Only later, when everything is actually long eaten, the public is allowed to watch. Blob not to allow media. Who knows what the public. Interesting side note: the kitzingen odp has been fighting for years against the – more often than not unnecessary or even illegal – non-public decisions in the kitzingen city council.

Its most painful nail in the flesh, KIK faction leader klaus christof, is also a vocal advocate of transparency. However, when it comes to his election as the candidate for mayor of kitzingen, the media is not allowed in. Its importance, klaus I., but deigns to announce to the press on the following day his nomination as candidate for the chief seat at the members’ meeting – behind closed doors.

And the CSU? Remains among themselves as three contenders vie to succeed glos. What goes on at the spa is nobody’s business. Not even the normal people who voted for glos in the first place. And why the mayor of kitzingen, burkhard klein, did so well – that’s just the admitted CSU elite that was admitted in the succession for the part-time main earner glos.

Why the secrecy? Because someone might have feared some verbal hemdsarmlichkeit and a bashing and stabbing? When the former member of the state parliament franz brosch was voted out of office in 2001 and replaced by otto hunnerkopf as a candidate for the maximilianeum, no one shied away from the light of publicity. But back then the CSU was still strong.

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