The ebern outdoor pool is in good shape

The open-air swimming pool in ebern is rustet for the coming swimming season. The building committee of the city council of ebern was convinced of this in its meeting on wednesday evening. Pool attendant klaus hanke informed the board during a site inspection. The construction site at the former vocational school between mozart- and albrecht-durer-strabe was also inspected.

"Preliminary work and the winterization of our outdoor pool have been completed to a large extent", said mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) and continued: "we can be proud of our now 49 year old outdoor pool, it is still in very good shape." However, one must tremble that no rough investments become necessary. "We can’t afford a comprehensive renovation at the moment", so the mayor.

Bathing attendant klaus hanke first led the committee to the ladies’ changing area. A special mat has been laid in the corridor to prevent pollution of the flies. The lifeguard’s request to the ladies: "please take off your shoes before entering the changing area!" The water quality in the open-air pool is perfect, the hygiene parameter is excellent, it couldn’t be better, said hanke. "This is also due to the fact that we can supply about 3000 to 3500 cubic meters of fresh water per year from former wells of the city of ebern."

The turf could be a little better, but that will be handled, he said. The bath is heated since three days. However, due to the cold night, 30 percent of what was heated up during the day was lost overnight. The pool attendant and mayor jurgen hennemann praised the employees of the outdoor pool and the building yard who do a lot of work. "Whatever we can do, we do on our own", according to the mayor.

Councilman markus fausten wanted to know whether the oak processionary moth could be expected again this year. Hennemann explained that preventive spraying was carried out with substances that biodegrade. "I don’t think any oak processionary moths will come with it, at least we hope so.", he said.

Another aubentermin was perceived at the construction site of the former vocational school. A daycare center is being built here. "Initially, four groups are planned, which can be expanded to six", explained hennemann. Rough construction work is scheduled to start in the first week of june. "This is already an important project for our city", according to hennemann.

Martin lang from the building authority of the ebern administrative district (VG) said that the building would be 74 meters long. It stretches along albrecht-durer-strabe from beethovenstrabe to franz-schubert-weg. An outdoor playground is being built underneath the new building. "The remaining land is intended for residential development", said the mayor. That’s why the football field further down the beethovenstrabe will fall victim to the project. The playground, which is located below the football field, will still have to be discussed, as it may be possible to build on the site. "We have thought that we can set up the play rates of this place at the small play field in the coburger strabe", said the mayor and showed a map with the playgrounds available in ebern.

Councillor rainer kaffer (JL) pointed out that children from the residential area would then have to cross coburger strabe. Hennemann replied that there is a safe crossing at the traffic circle nearby. Local councilor manfred fausten (CSU) asked what the situation was with parking spaces at the new day care center for children. There will be plenty of such space after the new building, hennemann said.

A number of building applications were discussed in the building committee, including one for a planned high-bay warehouse for the company uniwell in eyrichshof. The uniwell company is expanding to the northeast of its current company building in the direction of the fuchs butcher shop towards johann-georg-meusel-strabe. A "massive high-bay warehouse" is to be built here will be built in two construction phases, as martin lang from the building authority of the VG ebern said. It will be 227 meters long and 21 meters high. As he went on to say, it is stipulated that only buildings up to a height of ten meters may be erected in this area. "We have never had such a high company building in ebern before." Lang explained the details to the building committee. The building committee had already discussed the issue at its meeting on 11. The council passed a resolution on the development of the site in april 2019 and approved the preliminary draft of the "eyrichshof" business park development plan in several individual resolutions. "We’ll get everything going with this", summarized mayor jurgen hennemann.

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