Subtle surprise for the new coburg district administrator

Subtle surprise for the new coburg district administrator

Martin stingl has lost a lot of weight in the recent election campaign. The SPD candidate, as he recently revealed, hardly had time to eat because of his many appointments. It was a different story for sebastian straubel (CSU). "It has happened a few times that i stopped by the pizzeria late in the evening on my way back from an appointment." One result of the election campaign for him is therefore: "i have put on weight!" But the more important result is of course: now i am a district administrator!

On tuesday, about 38 hours after his victory in the runoff election, sebastian straubel already had his first day of work at the district office ahead of him. And what was the start? Plenty of calories! Nina kutscher, who works in the district administrator’s office alongside district administrator’s assistant tanja angermuller, had baked a cake. Three months ago, to mark the departure of the previous district administrator michael busch, she had covered the cake with a red-colored icing – in keeping with busch’s SPD party affiliation. With CSU man straubel, however, she did not want the color black to dominate everything. That’s why she decorated the delicious chocolate-vanilla creation (technical term: "drip cake") with letters in the colors of the district: these announced or wished a "good start". The warm reception was rounded off with a bouquet of flowers, which straubel received from his secretary in office.

"I was really very pleased about all this", says sebastian straubel, who otherwise first had to get an overview of his schedule. There were also several requests from burgers who wanted to talk to straubel right away. But there the 35-year-old asks for understanding that he can worry only gradually about the many new challenges.

Read the ticker on the election evening again here

On tuesday, the focus was on the official handover of the company’s business. Rainer mattern, who had been in charge of the district council since busch left, brought sebastian straubel up to date on many topics. Together they also exchanged the nameplate on the office door.

One of the first people to be introduced to this door in the afternoon by "amtsvorstand/landrat herr sebastian straubel" was herbert muller from bad rodach, of all people. That is as well known one, to which rather a cake with red pouring would fit. And he comes to the district office to congratulate the new CSU district administrator? "Yes, because on sunday i couldn’t congratulate him because i was on election duty in rodach," says herbert muller, says herbert muller, and during a brief chat with sebastian straubel he agrees anyway that party lines shouldn’t be taken so seriously: "it’s only possible if we work together!"

New: burger service

Sebastian straubel plans to say "hello" to as many employees in the district office as possible in the next few days to say. But since there are more than 300 of them, it could take a while – especially since there are already a number of auber-haus appointments coming up.

On wednesday, for example, he will attend the meeting of the advisory board of the coburg education region in coburg city hall as a member of the district council.

His first official press event, on the other hand, will be a home game on friday: the "burgerservice" will be held at the district administration office rebuilt entrance area opened. Because straubel does not want to adorn himself with other people’s feathers, the man who initiated the conversion was also invited to the hearing: michael busch. If, however, he thought he could taste a piece of the chocolate-vanilla cake during this visit, he was very likely to be deprived of it. By the time the office closed on tuesday, a large part of the cake had already been eaten – the last pieces were probably allowed to be eaten on wednesday.

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