Samsung vs. Apple – the eternal smartphone war

It’s a never-ending battle for the best smartphone. For years, the sudkorean technology group samsung and the californian computer company apple have been competing in the smartphone market. The former unrestricted dominance of apple’s iphone has long since been broken, and in the meantime samsung holds most of the market shares. The reasons for this are many, because the samsung galaxy S4 and the iphone 5s are more different than ever before. But the lower price of the samsung smartphones was really the deciding factor. Meanwhile, attractive contract models with, for example, all-net flat rates are available for smartphones from both manufacturers, for iphones as well as for samsung galaxy smartphones. You can sign up for these either at your local branch or simply online.

When the trend started with the mixed devices of cell phone and computer, there were far more competitors in the smartphone segment. However, one of the founders of the smartphone, canadian manufacturer RIM (research in motion), is currently having massive problems selling enough models of its blackberry smartphones. Currently, even the chinese PC manufacturer lenovo is buying the books of the formerly so successful company. A takeover of the faltering company could possibly give the matter a new lease of life.

However, potential customers will currently have little to spare for the inventors of mobile e-mail. Those who want a state-of-the-art smartphone will go for samsung or apple. Which of the two flagships to choose has never been easier, because the samsung galaxy S4 differs in many ways from apples iphone 5s. In the end it’s a matter of personal preference, if you leave aside the cheaper price of samsung. The question is rather how important functionality and design are to you.

Now it would be simply wrong to claim that the samsung galaxy S4 with its polycarbonate casing would be unsightly. But it can’t hold a candle to the classy aluminum exterior of the latest iphone. However, the plastic casing of the S4 offers such basic features as easy self-replacement of the battery and allows the user to expand the internal memory using a micro SD card. Unfortunately, this is not possible at all with apple; the battery can only be replaced in a workshop.

And last but not least, there is the android operating system. Also, this leaves a lot more room for personalization than an ios device ever will. Both devices offer technical gimmicks: the iphone has a fingerprint scanner that allows the device to be unlocked without the need to enter the security code, while the galaxy S4 uses its built-in front camera to detect whether the user is looking at the display or not, and in such a case pauses a video you are watching, for example. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal taste, but if you don’t like the apple brand anyway, you’ll probably be perfectly happy with a samsung galaxy S4.

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