Russia distances itself from trump’s threats

Russia distances itself from Trump's threats

"We don’t want to damonize anyone, and we always try to understand what the core of the problem is," auben minister sergei lavrov said after meeting with his u.S. Counterpart rex tillerson in new york on wednesday night.

"If we simply condemn and threaten, we are likely to make enemies of those we want to influence," he said, according to the ministry in moscow. Russia prefers to remain in dialogue with all parties.

During his speech to the united nations on tuesday, trump had threatened north korea with total destruction. He had heard such remarks several times, lavrov told the tass agency. "We have no doubt that the u.S. Is capable of doing something very destructive."

Trump portrayed iran as a rogue state. He rejected the international nuclear agreement, which he had spent years negotiating, as one of the worst treaties ever concluded. Lavrov described this as worrying. Russia wants to stick to the agreement, he said. "We will defend this document and protect this consensus," he said.

On the syrian conflict, he spoke with tillerson about possibilities for the joint fight against terrorism, said lawrow. On the one hand, russia recognizes the presence of U.S. Troops in the anti-terrorist coalition led by washington. But: "you are an uninvited guest there," he said. Russia emphasizes that it supports the syrian army at the invitation of the leadership in damascus.

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