Police officers give tips against burglars at the house door

Last friday, motorists and homeowners noticed more police units than usual in bad bruckenau and surrounding communities. The bad bruckenau police station was visited by a group of 34 police officers. The police report states that the wurzburg riot police provided support for the task force.
The four additional units, supervised by officers from the local inspection department, were deployed on the one hand to monitor road traffic, and on the other hand for a rough prevention check to protect against burglary.

Wild danger spot explained

In the morning, a half-group carried out a speed check on state road 2289 near wildflecken. The result is quite remarkable. Drivers largely complied with the regulations. Only three drivers had to be warned for exceeding the speed limit. However, the officers also stopped drivers who were traveling only slightly faster than the speed limit. Since this stretch of road is heavily affected by accidents involving wild animals, the drivers of the vehicles were informed about this dangerous spot. Particularly in the case of wild animals crossing the road, one or two accidents can be prevented by driving defensively and, above all, more slowly. If a collision is unavoidable, the risk of injury and damage is far lower at slower speeds.

Baton found

A traffic check near zeitlofs yielded a satisfactory result. However, an unlicensed baton was found in a vehicle during the inspection. A report was filed with the bad kissingen district office against the driver of a 50-year-old vehicle.
Even though the area served by the bad bruckenau police force was spared any residential burglaries this fall/winter, the head of the department, herbert markert, took advantage of the reinforcements from wurzburg to raise awareness among homeowners and tenants in this area in particular. In teams of two, the young police officers went from house to house in several residential areas of the spa town and gave around 130 residents tips on the right way to behave and on ways to protect windows and doors against burglars.

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