No money, no capacity: what is left undone in kitzingen

The city of kitzingen is investing another 20 million euros in 2019 alone, most of it in construction projects. But the chamber also warns the city council not to decide on even more rough projects in the aftermath. But it is not only the money that is lacking; the city administration has another problem: too few staff in the building department.

Projects are being implemented slowly

That is why even decided projects are not implemented as quickly as the city council would like. There were enough examples in the budget discussions. Andrea schmidt (independent) wants to see social housing in the city move forward more quickly. And although there was a plot of land in the town that could be built on, the head of the building department, oliver graumann, had to let it rust away. On the one hand, the existing house there is still rented out, and on the other, a new project "cannot be afforded in the near future," said mattern.

He reacted similarly to the request by jens pauluhn (odp) and andrea schmidt to tackle the barrier-free accessibility in the fubganger zone, especially at the market square, more quickly. Mayor siegfried muller (etc.) and graumann explained that they were "at the limit" in terms of staff is.

Fundamental discussion about personnel

This led to a discussion of principles, in which andreas moser (CSU) suggested that more planning should be outsourced, and pauluhn called for more staff to be hired. The experience of the mayor and the city administration was that external contracting was already being practiced where possible, and that there were no suitable applicants on the job market.

Graumann explained that the administration sets priorities in project processing and first tackles projects on which subsequent work depends, such as the preparation of the construction area on the hammer handle, the redesign of the main quay, the creation of new parking spaces at the train station or the renovation of the road to groblangheim. The building authority is not "moving in a vacuum", because a lot of things had been decided and had to be taken care of.

Mayor stefan guntner (CSU) countered that the city council was the body that had to set the priorities. If the administration is at its limit in certain areas, it should present this transparently. Then the council could react. Otherwise, he says, a lack of information is the reason why "things often go bump in the boardroom.

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