Munnerstadt: village fountain soon with water play area

The reichenbach fountain is as much a part of the village center as the maypole, which is erected every year at a big festival. However, due to the change in the course of the roadway in the course of the expansion of the through road, it is now too close to the road and has to be moved. "We have found a solution", mayor michael kastl (CSU) informed the members of the building and environment committee. The fountain is moved and receives a water play area. "This is almost completely cost-neutral", says the head of the city. A small four-digit amount will be lost, or nothing at all. A decision on it was not necessary.

"The village fountain should stay where it is", informed local speaker fabian noth (CSU) during a conversation with this newspaper on site. It soon became clear, however, that it would have to be moved a little because the roadway now runs half a meter next to the fountain. A danger for playing children. The local councilor had an idea: if the location is going to be changed a little anyway, then the fountain could also be renovated. Planner matthias kirchner has taken care of it at short notice. Now it is clear what the future center of the village will look like.

Between the strabe and the fountain a grunanlage is being built. If the water in the basin disappears now, there will be an overflow into a small basin in the future, where children can easily dam up the water a few centimeters. The pool is surrounded by seat stones. This is followed by a four-meter-long watercourse, then the water disappears into the piped reichenbach stream. It is spring water, the well is fed by the old reichenbacher water supply, according to the local councilor.

"We assume that it will remain in the cost accounting", said the mayor. "I’m always on the lookout for water playgrounds in the city anyway." This is probably due to his view from the perspective of a family father.

It was important to him to inform the construction committee, even if he had been able to decide it himself, said michael kastl. Because the additional costs – if any at all – are in his power of disposal. "But we want to work transparently for a good cooperation." That is also very good for fabian noth. Because he did not like that false rumors spread in the village. Therefore he emphasizes once again clearly: "the fountain remains, it is only shifted."

"I thought fabian noth’s idea was excellent", the mayor says. "Now we have not only a fountain, but also a water play area. It would have been a pity if we had not done it."

In the meantime, the expansion of the local thoroughfare between the entrance to the town from the direction of munnerstadt and the center of the town is well advanced. "On monday the preparations for the asphalting" will begin, said hartwig weigel, foreman at the company ullrich-bau. From then on, residents can no longer drive to and from their properties. The base course will then be applied on thursday and friday of the following week. Then the sidewalks will be prepared. Later follows the fine layer on the road, until the end of the year the intersection should be passable in three directions (auber from and to burglauer).

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