Microsoft hires game specialist for windows

"Yes, i started at microsoft, and i’m going to focus on making windows a great platform for games and interactive entertainment," holtman told the online service "gamesindustry international". The technology blog "techcrunch" reported that microsoft has confirmed the new appointment.

Holtman left the valve software group in february after a number of high-ranking employees were laid off. Previously, it was the first port of call for game developers who wanted to market their products via the steam platform. He is credited with convincing major game publishers of the digital distribution of games and successfully dispelling the associated concerns about copyright infringement.

The new arrival at microsoft triggered speculation in the industry about what strategy the software group will pursue in the future. Some industry representatives had previously assumed that microsoft could neglect its commitment to PC games in favor of its new games console, "gamesindustry" reports. The group will launch its new xbox one at the end of the year. Holtman’s hire could mean company will refocus on PC games market.

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