Long prison sentence for hundredfold abuse in sports club

Long prison sentence for hundredfold abuse in sports club

He had exploited the inexperience of his victims, who were between 11 and 15 years old, said presiding judge michael wolpert. The abuse began in the winter of 2008, but it was not until the beginning of last year that one of the boys revealed himself to his parents and the police. In court, 32-year-old under tranes said he was sorry for the acts. He had largely confessed to them.

The man was active in the ludwigshafen ice and roller sports club as an ice champion. He invited the young people to his apartment to eat pizza or watch television and abused them there – first a 14-year-old, then gradually younger ones joined him. The case involved the abuse of five young children. The parents also trusted him and loved to have their children spend the night with him. When the abuse was revealed, many had reacted with disbelief and even aggression against the young man who had come forward, prosecutor anne wolf said.

Wolf had demanded eight years in prison for the accused and accused him of perfidious behavior: he had been a friend and a rough brother to the children and adolescents, thus creating a dependency relationship and taking advantage of it. The victims suffered to this day. Some were in psychological treatment.

According to the investigation, the former ice champion had abused nine boys a total of almost 180 times, in some cases several times a week. One of the children was only ten years old. Two of the cases were dropped to spare the victims from having to testify, while two others are to be cleared up in further court proceedings. The prosecution is currently investigating suggestions by the defendant in the trial that other adults or juveniles may have been involved in the abuse.

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