In ebern, a lot of money goes out the chimney

In ebern, a lot of money goes out the chimney

This is the result of the report presented to the city council by josef muller as managing director of the municipal company. Muller is confident, however, that the profit zone will still be reached if it is possible to bring more customers into the heating network as soon as possible.

So far, they are lagging behind their own expectations: starting with three customers, the circle increased to nine over the course of four years. Accordingly, the efficiency rate, which was below 50 percent in 2010, improved to 71.5 percent.

The annual deficit now totals around 118,000 euros, which the city and gasuf share in half. "Without write-offs, the result would have looked better", muller made cosmetic changes to the balance sheet. But his diagrams of the amounts of energy generated and sold speak a different language: far more heat is generated than sold, i.E. Blown into the air.

Muller also pointed out that the price of lumber had risen by up to 52 percent. "However, the demand cannot be met from the city forest, because only 300 solid meters of wood chips are provided, which means that the required quantity of 750 solid meters must be purchased at a high price", according to muller. "This does not help to quickly improve the operating result in the short term", muller’s conclusion.

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