Geiselwind buys a new tractor for the building yard

At the meeting of the geiselwinder burgermeister ernst nickel informed the council that the current tractor is defective due to damage to the brakes and clutch. Because the vehicle, which is used relatively often by the employees of the yard, has already 45 years on the hump, the repair is "in no economic relation", according to the administration. The municipality is considering the purchase of a new tractor and has, according to mayor nickel, obtained offers, five models have already been tested.

The choice fell on a tractor of the brand fendt vario profi, which from the point of view of the bauhof some advantages compared to the other aueist. Moreover, the vehicle is available in short. The total cost is 118 576 euros. The councillors had some questions, but they also considered the selected tractor to be the best choice.

Clear plant falls through the tuv

For the clear plant, the municipality has to do some rebuilding. For example, the so-called container-P waste facility there no longer meets the required standard and, according to burgermeister nickel, is no longer approved by the tuv. The required part is a cylinder container for concentrated hydrochloric acid, which is needed to clean the wastewater. The container is double-walled, has a height of four meters and a volume of 20 cubic meters.

For the installation of the equipment, including the control unit, additional services are required. Among other things, a watertight foundation must be built, a core drilling and an electrical supply line are necessary for the control unit. The costs for this amount to 41 480 euro, the contract was awarded in the meeting.

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