Freizeitland geiselwind: on the way to a year-round park

First halloween with creepy factor. After that winter wonderland. The freizeitland in geiselwind has a lot planned, for the first time there is no winter rest. Matthias molter, who took over the park, which was founded in 1969, at the beginning of 2017 and has been renovating it ever since, tells us what lies behind this and what the corona year has been like for the spabpark so far.

Question: halloween in the amusement park – what is planned??


Matthias molter: our bar band has its premiere in gastronomy. Then, of course, we have our classic, the horror-lazareth with live frighteners. The whole park is decorated for halloween, in the bauernschanke there is a kurbismalen for children. In addition, on halloween there are shows. Our "halloween mays are recommended for ages 16 and up.

How high is the creepy factor??

Molter: for every age group there is something "psycho" from 16 years has a high creep factor.

Is the horror fun a trend??

Molter: the way i see it, halloween is getting better every year.

For the first time, a winter wonderland. What is behind it?

Molter: very simple: we open the park for the first time in winter.

Where did the idea come from?

Molter: by me. Since the range of leisure activities in winter is rather limited, we try to fill a gap here.

What exactly can you do in winter with them?

Molter: about 50 percent of the park is open, these attractions have been adjusted for winter. In addition, there is an ice skating rink of about 800 square meters and we hope that by then the indoor arcade will also be open. A special highlight are the performances of oliver schott with his golden gospel choir on 21. November as well as on 6. And 20. December.

From when to when does the winter-land open?

Molter: since mid november until 21. March next year, always on saturdays and sundays and during the vacations.

What special challenges lurk in the winter?

Molter: it's really a challenge to keep all the rides running properly even in low temperatures. The transition from spooky to winter is very short. Here it is a question of redesigning the entire decoration.

Is the winter wonderland the first step to a year-round park?

Molter: yes it is. Depending on the frequency, it is about having more opening days.

How has the recreation land got through the corona year so far?

Molter: it was not always easy, there were highs and lows . Despite the circumstances, we look positively to the next year. Despite the difficult situation this year we will be able to present rough novelties in 2021.

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