Forchheim sun park casts shadows ahead

92-year-old margot lubs fears the forced eviction: "this is a scandal." Because the house in sudentenstrabe, where the old lady has lived for 33 years, is to be demolished to make way for large apartment blocks and driveways. Against the "sonnenpark" project, on the land of the former evangelical kindergarten, between bayreuther- and sudentenstrabe, a citizens’ initiative is now mobilizing with a signature campaign.

Ready for the "end offensive

"too rough, too massive, too dense", birgit heldmann sums up the objections to the planned 24 residential units that are to be built in four blocks of flats on the land. The resident, whose reiheneckhaus in farberstrabe borders directly on the new building plot, has taken the lead in the burger initiative. Birgit heldmann is combative before the vote in the upcoming planning committee and announces: "we are now going on the final offensive!"

She has gained a little time for her signature campaign: the committee meeting scheduled for next monday has been cancelled. Meanwhile, for the past week, signature folders against the "sonnenpark" have been lying everywhere in frequented places in the city – from the pizzeria san marino to doctors’ offices and senior citizens’ offices from. Treasure 200 signatures have been received so far", birgit heldmann is pleased. Together with her comrade-in-arms, klaus friesleben, she is asking the citizens for support: "we would like to campaign for the purely profit-oriented project of a financially strong entrepreneur and millionaire from eltmann am main to be stopped in our city, with the help of a planning and development department that is anything but close to the city environmental committee of our city council, is stopped and reconsidered.".

Fire letter to the oberburg master

the initiative has also sent a fire letter to mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) – demanding that he reject the current draft of the development plan for the sonnenpark project. With the planned 24 residential units in four blocks of flats, the city’s repeated propaganda of "careful redensification" on the land is "nonsense not recognizable.

"The oversized house fronts formally slay the adjacent residential buildings", the members of the citizens’ movement. The demand of the residents for an adjustment had again not been met. "We demand a clear reduction of the development to 15 residential units, in order to achieve the urban development sensible, for the area contractual after-densification", it says in the letter to oberburgermeister stumpf.

In addition, the initiative group fears an "acute danger" due to the increasing parking on the sudetenstrabe from children on their way to school. But birgit heldmann and her comrades-in-arms are particularly concerned that 92-year-old margot lubs, who lives in the apartment building threatened with demolition, should not be sentenced to eviction, but should be able to spend her twilight years there in peace and quiet. Meanwhile, the old lady is in fear. "To have to make a move at my age, that’s an insult", says margot lubs and adds in despair: "my god, this is all getting on my nerves!"

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