Fire department has new blood

At the general meeting of the tutschengereuth fire department, commander markus schutz reported on 20 operations in the past year. In addition, the performance test THL was taken. Youth warden felix pfohlmann reported 13 members in the youth fire brigade and 20 in the children’s fire brigade. Many activities are planned again.

Markus schutz (commander) and johannes lurz (adjutant) were both elected unanimously. Chairman alois pfohlmann thanked the former deputy edgar sperber.

The chairman reported that the fire department association has 156 members. It is particularly pleasing that 39 of them are children and young people. Last year’s highlight was the joint honor evening of the fire departments of the municipality of bischberg.

Pfohlmann reported that all events were well attended. He especially thanked the flag bearers under the leadership of rainer schorner, who always reliably accompany festive services and celebrations. Pfohlmann referred to the challenges of the coming years (50 years youth fire department 2022, 150 years fire department 2026) and asked the assembly to form festive committees. He also announced in advance the dates of the activities in 2020, which can be found in the schedule and calendar of events.

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