Feeling good again on the bad rodach mountain

Feeling good again on the Bad rodach mountain

On 1. October 2016 the brothers stefan and felix sauerbrey took over the well-known and popular restaurant "st. Georgenberg". To the 31. December 2019 the lease agreement was dissolved. The jewel on the bad rodach house hill did not have to linger in dormancy for long. Because the non-profit association bad rodach as owner of the area found with claudia lemm a leaseholder who wants to breathe new life into the georgenberg again with her team.

Herbert muller, chairman of the non-profit association, explained that claudia lemm has been the new leaseholder since 1 january 2009. February the responsibility for the restaurant has taken over. What muller likes most about the new leaseholder is that she implements ideas and suggestions quickly and effectively. The association wanted the bratwurst to be reintroduced. "We have hardly said it, already a modern bratwurst booth was there", muller describes the spontaneity of the new leaseholder. One of claudia lemm’s main concerns is that the long waiting times at the food and beverage counter, which had created a rather negative image, should be a thing of the past.

Even in the open air

After claudia lemm has already been in the service in the. Georgenberg" she knows the weak points and knows how to eliminate them. "There was a lot of investment in the cake equipment with the latest technology and the work processes in the kitchen and service were adapted to the requirements", was to be heard from claudia lemm. The guests could look forward to a good burger kitchen. "We want the guests on the hill to feel comfortable again", stressed the new tenant. This is also the purpose of the covered forecourt, which has not only been provided with rain protection, but also has heating mushrooms that make it possible to stay outdoors even at low temperatures.

On the occasion of the official opening, mayor tobias ehrlicher declared: "if we want to expand tourism, we need offers like the gastronomy on the georgenberg." For the deputy district administrator rainer mattern it is a stroke of luck for bad rodach that the traditional inn is activated again. "Tourism lives from people who take entrepreneurial courage", mattern emphasized. He has no understanding for people who "want quality but are not prepared to pay for it". He pointed out that the quality of a gastronomic business also requires fair pay. Mattern wished the new tenant many guests who would accept her offer.

The restaurant is open from tuesday to saturday from 11 a.M. To 9 p.M., on sundays and public holidays from 10 a.M. To 9 p.M. – during pleasant summer evenings of course also longer. Claudia lemm attached great importance to the fact that hot meals were offered throughout the day.

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