Ex-secretary of state ulrich lorenz found dead in kiel harbor

ex-secretary of state ulrich lorenz found dead in kiel harbor

Former schleswig-holstein secretary of the interior ulrich lorenz was found dead in the port of kiel on monday. Police divers recover the body of the 57-year-old lawyer, who had been missing since the day before. The cause of death – whether accident, crime or suicide – initially remained unclear, as a police spokesman in neumunster said. Minister president torsten albig, interior minister andreas breitner and the state chairman of the SPD, ralf stegner, reacted with dismay to the news of the death.

Lorenz had left his home in felde on sunday morning to take the train to kiel and visit his office. According to initial investigations, the criminal investigation department assumed that lorenz had left his home at 6.Got off the train at keel's main station at 53 a.M. "His trail is lost there", announced the police. The body was discovered in the horn, the last part of the kieler forde in the inner city area. Lorenz was placed on temporary retirement in 2009 after the breakup of the grand coalition. He then worked as a lawyer in a kieler sozietat.

Members of the state government reacted with shock to the death of lorenz. "This news fills me with great sadness", said minister president albig. Lorenz was a straightforward person who could be relied upon. "He was honest, reliable, competent and a fine person through and through." Even in difficult political times, the state government has always been able to rely on his advice. "His death shocks us all."

"I have lost a great professional example of competence, integrity and humanity, but above all a good friend and advisor", said interior minister breitner (SPD). SPD state chairman and ex-minister of the interior stegner, who knew lorenz from many years of cooperation in the state government, also expressed shock. "He was a colleague universally appreciated for his competence and knowledge, and for me also a personal friend and companion. His unexpected death leaves me speechless." 

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