Cycling safely

Cycling safely

During the traffic safety day for the new 5. Classes at gymnasium markbreit attended various presentations on the subject of safety when using means of transport.

Ulrich groh, the school’s safety officer, discussed the safety features/equipment of bicycles. In addition, he explained what should be considered when using a bicycle helmet and conducted an experiment, according to the message.

Stephan friedlein from the traffic police in kitzingen went through the rules to be observed when riding a bicycle in traffic with the schoolchildren. In the darkened classroom, the reflective properties of school bags and jackets were examined with the aid of a flashlight.

In a second section, klemens grobkopf-klopf of the wurzburg federal police brought the classes closer to safety on and in the railroads. He showed the children a video of the dangers they are exposed to, for example, when they walk across railroad tracks or place stones on the tracks.

He reported on several incidents in which young people had damaged railroad facilities and appealed to schoolchildren not to imitate this, as these are often criminal offenses and the associated fines can be quite high.

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