Couple kupfer travels with real madrid through the usa

couple kupfer travels with real madrid through the usa

When norbert kupfer talks about his win, his eyes sparkle like those of a little child standing in front of a christmas tree decorated with christmas presents. And what the 50-year-old from bamberg has won can confidently be called a huge gift. Kupfer will fly to the USA with his wife for ten days. That alone is great, but it's his traveling companions that make the win unique and priceless. The fubball superstars from real madrid are on board the charter plane.

"It's still fantastic, and I can't really believe I've won this trip yet", explains the father of four families. It was a good three weeks ago when his phone rang. "Then a mr. Lehnert was on the line and asked me what i was up to at the beginning of august."

Reinhold lehnert is brand representative audi at motor nutzel. His company provided the prize. But how come a regional car dealer can raffle off a trip with real madrid? "As part of the audi-cup, audi branches all over germany were able to buy various ticket packages", explains lehnert. The premium package included, among other things, participation in the travel raffle.

The rest was just a matter of luck for norbert kupfer, who, after learning of his dream win, was faced with another problem. "No one I told about the trip believed me", so kupfer "not even my wife." Andrea kupfer, who started the trip together with her husband, initially thought it was a joke. "I still wake up sometimes and think I'm dreaming", reports the 43-year-old.

Family fight for the cards
Within the family kupfer had to work with small bribes in order not to push anyone in front of the head. "I have four children and of course they all wanted to fly with me. But I have decided for my wife." Especially with the 13 year old marcus a lot of good talking was necessary. The rude ronaldo fan of course wanted to tour the united states with his idol. "I had to promise him that he would get an autograph – preferably with dedication – on his jersey", so copper.

There are several opportunities to do so. The kupfers not only fly across the pond with the team in a special plane, they also stay with the stars in a hotel most of the time and are occasionally allowed to watch training sessions. During the ten days, the team flies across the USA several times. From los angeles, the team travels to phoenix for one game, then back to LA, before heading to st. Louis goes from where the journey home begins.

The lucky winners always have a personal travel companion at their side. "We don't know more about the trip yet either. But we are very happy. You can't pay for this trip with money, it's a life experience", swarm norbert copper. How exclusive the tour is shows that the kupfers are two of only ten to twelve vips flying to the u.S. Alongside the 40-headed real-tross. Among these are also managers of adidas and the real president florentino perez.

Norbert kupfer has something special in mind with this one. "I'm going to give him a brose baskets t-shirt so that he can see that we also have top-class sports." From the travel agency that has already contacted the kupfers, the couple knows that the real stars will thaw out after a few days. "There was already such a trip two years ago. At that time, the players and officials were very sociable after a few days", norbert kupfer is looking forward to talking to the real stars. English he knew well and besides there are with mesut ozil and sami khedira two germans in real's ranks.

But now we still have to pack. In addition to the t-shirt and the jersey of the son, the kupfers take with them above all usa travel guides. "It's our first trip to america. We don't know how much time we'll have, but we'll probably do a little sightseeing", hopes andrea kupfer for some free time.
They are especially looking forward to miami and have also looked at the hotels on the internet where they will be staying. These are all four- or five-star hotels. It's not just a descent, where "the royals" are reside.


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