Construction progress in friedhofstrasse

Construction progress in friedhofstrasse

The construction machines have advanced in the friedhofstrabe to the intersection kirchgrundsiedlung/adolf-kolping-strabe. Therefore, this area is currently completely closed to traffic.

The drainage pipes are being renewed in the intersection area. Moreover, the intersection area itself is being developed. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the whitsun vacations. "We hope that we can do it in this time, because then the school buses are running again", says peter kreb of the city’s civil engineering office on inquiry. At least as a temporary measure, there should also be a walkway for the schools.

In the lower part of friedrich-muller-strabe, between the junction at the sports center and the intersection of kirchgrundsiedlung/adolf-kolping-strabe, the canal has already been laid, according to kreb, so that the actual trenching can begin after the vacations. The road will be completely torn up. So far, the pavement has only been dug up in the part where the canal runs. Next comes the stretch between the intersection of kirchgrundsiedlung/adolf-kolping-strabe and the friedrich-muller-strabe junction.

In addition, the pavement must be renewed up to the connection hammelburg mitte. It is not yet clear when this will happen. Among other things, agreements are still necessary because of the access road to the fire station. The first discussions have already taken place, as kreb explains. By the end of november, the complete tree removal should be completed friedhofstrabe. According to the current status, the deadline is to be met.

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