Constant dripping hollows the ground

Constant dripping hollows the ground

Bernhard panzer it was sometime in june when the trouble started. It was a tile on the wall in the kitchen that started the ball rolling. "She suddenly got loose", says jurgen rissmann, owner of the "kreis’l" bistro. And from then on the whole ausmab became apparent.

It’s massive water damage that’s currently crippling the local at schutt. "I assume this has been going on for months, if not years.", said rissmann. He is referring to the constantly dripping water from the water pipe, which eventually soaked into a wall and the floor of the sanitary area.

The house owner names the cause. It must have been a corner valve of the water pipe that was leaking. Rissmann assumes that there was material negligence, and that it was not possible to identify a culprit. Something like that happens. The pipe itself is made of stainless steel, continues the former restaurateur. It can’t leak. So it could only have been a crack in the valve.

Since 2002

The herzogenaurach-based company built the office building with the local site at the beginning of the millennium. In october 2002, the bistro opened for the first time. For eleven years he ran it himself, together with his life companion uschi rattmann. "The circle is my baby", he says. No question that he is on the construction site himself every day.

16 drillings were made by the drying company in the affected sanitary area, down to the floor slab. Hot air was then blown in, reports rissmann. In the local area itself there were once again eight devices. 15 liters of water had been sucked out daily in the beginning. Now they had reached two liters. Since 3. September goes like this. Rissmann is now hoping to be able to start the 2. November to be able to reestablish the place. It should be open again by the fourth week of november at the latest.

At the "herzo festival people still want to take part. The bistro is also on the poster: the "buskin bastards", a band new to herzogenaurach, will play. Of course, it will be a construction site party. And you need toilet carts.

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