Commitment and ideas were needed

Commitment and ideas were needed

"When it comes to presenting his fire department in the right light, your commanding officer always comes up with something new." With this praising comment district fire chief manfred lorenz acknowledged during the final manovercriticism the in all parts successful course of a show in the heart of the market community, observed together with his official sandor aladi. Active members of the fire department, the BRK rescue squad (including junior staff) and the first responder training unit gave an impressive demonstration of their readiness to act in an emergency.
Traditionally, a joint main event of the three aid organizations established in the parent municipality within the framework of the fire protection week forms the conclusion of the sonnefeld church festival weekend. According to the plans of commander dirk bauer, it was necessary to effectively fight a vegetation fire in the vicinity of the market town, which could only be reached via inadequate corridors. That's when the bieberbach local fire department came into play, pulling up behind a command vehicle from the parent municipality with a tractor-pulled and land-going portable fire engine trailer. Well over 150 interested residents – among them a conspicuous number of children and young people – watched the scenario, which was intentionally not marked by seriousness, at various locations in the center of the village around and in the area of the domanas, while the commandant explained the individual steps of the instructive demonstration in detail via a portable loudspeaker and deputy commandant norbert wurst led the operation. Using a portable TS-8/8 pump, the water was taken from the nearby school pond and piped in a several hundred meter long hose line to the new domanen parking lot. "Small local fire departments play to their advantage. There is a need for sporty manpower. You don't need a gym anymore, bauer commented on the actions step by step. In an emergency, a single firefighter can connect and lay up to 200 meters of hose line made of metal reels. Meanwhile, a work crew was busy setting up and filling portable water containers as a supply buffer.

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"What does a firefighter do when he is sent into a smoky building in the event of a fire??", asked commander dirk bauer bystanders who were watching the exercise, as well as the three sonnefeld mayors michael keilich (CSU), claus hocherich (GUB) and friedrich ubelhack (CSU). "Then particularly well-equipped activists with breathing apparatuses come into action", was the answer, as spontaneous as it was expert. 

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