“Clan” stonebreaker with good manners

Whether as a player, co-trainer or head coach. Whether first or second team, whether pinzberg or durrbrunn: sebastian "sippe" stonebreaker apparently can not escape the up and down. Since 2013, the 35-year-old pretzfelder has been going up or down a league without a break. But even in failure, an unwritten law applies to the midfielder.

Who alluded to them?
Sebastian steinbrecher: jens kugel from SV weilersbach, who i have known since kindergarten, yet i have never played with him or against him. He is the type dieter eilts at EM 96, i.E. A pure destroyer. Instead of 'steep pass', it had to be 'steep ratchet' during the interview last saturday. Therefor he was and is more known (laughs).

He told us that they know almost every sports club in the region from the inside…
I'm still from the fubballer-generation that sits down for a beer in the sportheim after every game – no matter if you've won or lost 5:0. Even if I'm watching somewhere, I like to go to the economy for analysis afterwards.

The most beer mats she was allowed to have accumulated in unterleinleiter…
I grew up in pretzfeld and started playing soccer for the local soccer club, but my home club is 'lada', where my mother and half of my relatives come from. My uncle, who has since died, was a founding member of the spvgg 50 years ago.

Due to the jubilee, durrbrunn is free of play this weekend in both the kreisklasse 2 and A-klasse 3 leagues. What's on the agenda instead of soccer?
Almost all fubballers have to help out, so we don't have any games on the weekend, unlike other clubs that have such festivities. On saturday, after the early pint (11 a.M.), there will be a tournament at 2 p.M. A team still had space and is welcome to contact me. From 7 pm the band X-large plays in the marquee in unterleinleiter. Sunday starts at 9 a.M. With an ocumenical service, at 10 a.M. The brass band from 'lada' plays for the fruhschoppen. After the parade at 2 p.M., the punzental musicians provide entertainment.

And a week later it finally comes to the first duel between you and jens kugel?
Probably not again, since he is needed in the fight to stay in the first division, while since 2016 I have only been playing in the reserve team, of which I am the coach. At my age, the numerous injuries of earlier days are being felt.

Where does your nickname "clan" come from??
I am – as I said – a bit old and I don't remember this. It must have originated in kindergarten. Even rene rackelmann, who is responsible for it, no longer knows it.

To whom do they play on?
To the next fubball old man, robert grembler, who has retired to the pretzfeld old men due to family and house construction. I also knew him from my childhood and was his best man.

Steep pass rules: the playing field is formed by the districts of erlangen-hochstadt and forchheim. Short passes, i.E. Passes within one's own club, and back passes to active players already in play are prohibited.

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