Accident on the a73: quarrel with mother possible ringleader?

accident on the a73: quarrel with mother possible ringleader?

An unclothed ghost driver from coburg caused a fatal accident on highway 73 near bamberg on tuesday morning. The 31-year-old woman, her four-year-old daughter in the back seat, and the driver of an oncoming car were killed. The two vehicles had collided near hirschaid (bamberg district). A seven-year-old daughter of the wrong-way driver suffered severe head injuries. According to information from bavarian radio, the girl is said to be brain dead. A passenger in the other car was seriously injured.

Why the woman from coburg was naked at the wheel of her car is unclear. "We assume that she must have been in a state of psychological emergency", said a police spokesman in bayreuth. There are no indications for the time being that she wanted to commit suicide. Nothing is known about a possible dispute with her husband, who lives separately from her.

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Info for the ombud team

Jurgen wolf, head of AEO-bamberg, explained to the ombudsteam of the bamberg city council about the corona situation that currently about 90 percent of the 800 residents had been tested in a voluntary series testing, seven of them positive. There are currently 16 corona traps at the anchor center.

Since relatives and contacts also have to be in quarantine, about 70 people in the anchor center are under quarantine. The ombud team buried that they are not full quarantans.

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Microsoft hires game specialist for windows

"Yes, i started at microsoft, and i’m going to focus on making windows a great platform for games and interactive entertainment," holtman told the online service "gamesindustry international". The technology blog "techcrunch" reported that microsoft has confirmed the new appointment.

Holtman left the valve software group in february after a number of high-ranking employees were laid off. Previously, it was the first port of call for game developers who wanted to market their products via the steam platform. He is credited with convincing major game publishers of the digital distribution of games and successfully dispelling the associated concerns about copyright infringement.

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Support in the fight against the spa tax

Support in the fight against the spa tax

For gunther felbinger (gemunden) and bernhard pohl (kaufbeuren), the complaints of managing director steffen hortler about the tax on voluntary youth workers have not gone unheeded. Felbinger and the deputy chairman of the parliamentary group pohl said they wanted to "get things moving" getting to the bottom of the matter.
The plans to renovate and expand the "heiligenhof-and expand the "heiligenhof" main building, the freestate is required to. The mabnahme they "of course flanking support". Felbinger called the educational institution "a very important and significant facility".
German-czech relations in particular are "a major topic for the future". Here the signs have never been as favorable as they are now. In addition the "heiligenhof" has a "ruttelt mab contributed."
To the "heiligenhof" the free voters had become attentive by a request of the landtagsgrunen. They had called on the state government to provide financial support for the education center only if the responsible parties "express themselves" to commit itself in the future to excluding speakers who have attracted attention from right-wing extremists from events.
The "heiligenhof had come under discussion because right-wing extremist speakers had been allowed to appear there – according to steffen hortler, without his knowledge.
Lawyer pohl comes from werneck, studied in munich and lives in kaufbeuren. He is, among other things, the transport and financial policy spokesman for the free democratic party. Felbinger also cares about the district of bad kissingen.

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Apple avenue blossoms again

The agenda item "apple avenue" brought great joy at the youngest meeting of the stegaurach community council. For a quarter of a century, the development area in the village of debring was at a standstill. Now the way to twenty new residential buildings there is finally free. Peter bittel of the engineering firm wolf presented the development plan for the construction area. The council was of the opinion that the office had been very prudent in its planning, because traffic and noise were largely kept out of the area of apple avenue during this tree removal, which is only to be welcomed for the inner development of debrings.

After an intensive discussion about former development cost contributions and the regulation of incoming and outgoing traffic along apple avenue, the council’s only wish was that there should be as many flats as possible with insect-friendly plantings around the development area.

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Samsung vs. Apple – the eternal smartphone war

It’s a never-ending battle for the best smartphone. For years, the sudkorean technology group samsung and the californian computer company apple have been competing in the smartphone market. The former unrestricted dominance of apple’s iphone has long since been broken, and in the meantime samsung holds most of the market shares. The reasons for this are many, because the samsung galaxy S4 and the iphone 5s are more different than ever before. But the lower price of the samsung smartphones was really the deciding factor. Meanwhile, attractive contract models with, for example, all-net flat rates are available for smartphones from both manufacturers, for iphones as well as for samsung galaxy smartphones. You can sign up for these either at your local branch or simply online.

When the trend started with the mixed devices of cell phone and computer, there were far more competitors in the smartphone segment. However, one of the founders of the smartphone, canadian manufacturer RIM (research in motion), is currently having massive problems selling enough models of its blackberry smartphones. Currently, even the chinese PC manufacturer lenovo is buying the books of the formerly so successful company. A takeover of the faltering company could possibly give the matter a new lease of life.

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Hoeneb leaves “without a plan” after kahn coup

Hoeneb leaves 'without a plan' after kahn coup

At the end of the 40-minute farewell show of a seemingly drawn uli hoeneb, a surprise guest suddenly entered the podium of the allianz arena. Bayern munich’s chairman of the board karl-heinz rummenigge showed up for the harmonious final picture with the outgoing president.

The 63-year-old brought a personal gift with him to thank "dear uli" on friday for 45 years together. The photo collage showed the two now graying bayern bosses as young fubballers, sometimes cheering together for goals, but also wearing bavarian lederhosen for the first time.

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Storms and thunderstorms: double the damage for allianz

storms and thunderstorms: double the damage for allianz

Payments to insurance customers rose 63 percent to 485 million euros, the company announced in munich on thursday. The number of damages has even increased to over 300 within the year.000 almost doubled. Meanwhile, average claims were almost one-fifth lower at just over 1600 euros.

Especially the autumn storms "xavier" and "herwart" hit the ground hard. In october alone, payments totaled 124 million euros. In the summer, 250 million also ran up after heavy thunderstorms. Almost 80 percent of all damage in 2017 was caused by storms and hail, it hailed. This was followed by lightning and overvoltage, as well as flooding and heavy rain, said jochen haug, chief claims officer at allianz versicherungs-AG. For farmers, a cold snap in april was painful. The late frost hit plants that had already grown far; winegrowers and fruit growers suffered crop failures.

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With the rich sound of a motorcycle

The ebenhausen volunteer fire department was very pleased with the arrival of the new portable fire engine, which was purchased by the municipality of oerlenbach. This new acquisition became necessary in order to be technically up to date, because the old pump had already been in operation for 38 years. The community could in a "collective order" he bought two identical sprayers, because the fire department in eltingshausen also needed such a model. The total cost of 28,000 euros was considerably reduced by government grants, leaving a residual cost of around 9,000 euros.
The ebenhausen fire brigade used its "open door day not only did the fire department hand over its new portable fire engine to a wider public, it also celebrated its 145th anniversary at the same time. After the solemn blessing of the pump by pastoral counselor christine seufert, mayor franz kuhn took over the speaker’s podium. He recalled the many tasks performed by firefighters who spend their free time working for the community. In ebenhausen, this has been done in an exemplary manner for 145 years through the voluntary work and tireless commitment of mitburgers as firefighters, who not only sacrifice their time but also risk their health in their operations. As a gift for the anniversary, franz kuhn presented the ebenhausen volunteer fire department with a check from the municipality.
In the context of the "day of the open door the mayor also thanked two firefighters for their many years of dedication to the F ebenhausen fire department: sebastian wetzel was head of respiratory protection from 2004 to 2006 and first commandant from 2006 to 2018. He retired from his position as chief officer at the annual general meeting in january 2018. Kai niedergesab, who has also retired, was youth director from 2006 to 2012, before taking over as deputy commander from 2012 to 2018. However, both members are still at the disposal of the ebenhausen fire brigade with their manpower. Since january 2018 tobias kessler is the new commander and bastian lutz his deputy.
After the blessing and the speeches, the guests were allowed to take a closer look at the new portable fire engine. For this purpose it was lifted from the pedestal, whereby also the very interested youth assisted diligently. Afterwards, the engine was started, which was identical in construction to the engine of a heavy motorcycle and had just as rich a sound, as could be heard enthusiastically from the ranks of the firefighters.
Special mention should also be made of the fire department’s efforts to recruit new recruits for this important task. The youth wardens julia schreiner and lukas hannwacker announced that the next saturday, 28. July, from 10 a.M. To 12 p.M. In ebenhausen at the fire station, a youth recruitment day will take place. On this morning, which ends with a free lunch, all young people from the age of twelve are invited to find out about the work of the volunteer fire department at various stations. Topics such as first aid, technical assistance, modern firefighting technology, protective equipment and much more will be presented on site.

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