Buy lots and do good

Buy lots and do good

This year, pastor martin from ghana again appeals for support for children in his home country and to enable them to go to school. The benefit event, the "festival of lights", will be held on sunday, 11. November, from 14 to about 17 o’clock in the coarse spa hall of bad bocklet held.

The main attraction of the charity event is the drawing of the prizes donated by local businessmen and the main prize "martin’s goose" at about 4 pm or alternatively a "goose dinner for two".

The motto is "off to school". The proceeds from the sale of the raffle will be used to finance school fees, for the purchase of school uniforms, school books, exercise books and pencils. Because only if the children can go to school, they have a chance for a good life.

A rough request from pastor martin is the support of these children. Because many parents in ghana are not able to pay the school fees.

The loose tickets will be sold on sunday after the service, but can also be bought during the event.

The circle of friends of pastor martin organizes coffee and cake. In addition, there is the martinsweck, donated by the bakery peter schmitt, and on the small bazaar handicrafts

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