Burgerinitiative demands freely passable long street

"We need an overall concept, not stucco", asks city councilor daniela reinfelder (bub) after the first meeting of the working group of the "bamberg citizens’ initiative.Together.Mobile" on the subject of long strabe fest.

Service providers and delivery personnel as well as emergency vehicles had to be able to drive through the lange strabe on a daily basis. "The strabe is an important axis for connecting the different parts of the city with each other, also for the opnv. Around 640 buses run here every day", reinfelder is quoted in a press release of the initiative. Against the backdrop of a current city council motion "immediate reduction in the future of long road 2020 of the fractions grunes

Bamberg and SPD as well as odp and volt demand reinfelder: "as long as there is no ring road, the lange strabe must continue to be freely passable."

The concrete hang-up was the extension of the cycle path between house numbers 24 to 46, including the deletion of the short-stay bus stops, and the level extension of the cycle path along the entire lange strabe. The figures from the IG lange strabe were clear: at present, 75 percent of those surveyed (30 out of 40 people, around 200 people were contacted) were explicitly against the planned change.

It is particularly worth mentioning at this point that the bamberg district craftsmen’s association is opposed to this plan, as this occupational group is dependent on loading and delivery facilities in the long street – the planned stopping facilities at schonleinsplatz are definitely too far away. The question arises as to how, for example, heavy windows, building blocks or similar items are to be transported from schonleinsplatz to the construction sites.

"In my opinion, a transfer to the roadway according to the rules of the stvo and its regulations, without a very expensive expansion of the long road, and that at corona times, not at all. This was also confirmed by the administration", reinfelder on the question of whether the planned change could be implemented in practice.

The burgerinitiative will continue to be involved until the vote in the mobilitat senate on 7. October still intensively dealing with the topic. "With the participation of a broad public, we want to achieve a satisfactory solution for the long road for all road users. From our point of view, the planned extension of the bicycle path creates more problems than it actually solves", according to florian kohn of the "bamberg citizens’ initiative.Together.Mobile".

All citizens as well as concerned professionals are invited to participate in a dialogue (via facebook, instagram or at https://bamberg-gemeinsam-mobil.Info) to participate in the run-up to the decision.

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