Booker literature prize goes to dutchwoman rijneveld

Booker literature prize goes to dutchwoman rijneveld

The british international booker literature prize goes to dutch author marieke lucas rijneveld for her novel "the discomfort of evening. At the age of 29, she is the youngest author ever to receive this prestigious award.

"I’m as proud as a cow with seven udders," rijneveld said in a first reaction via video message on wednesday. She shares the with 50.000 pounds (just under 56.000 euros) prize with michele hutchison, who translated the work into english.

"Rijneveld’s language reimagines the world, revealing the shocks and violence of early adolescence through the prism of a dutch dairy farm," the jury announced. The work shows the strangeness of a child contemplating the strangeness of the world.

Rijneveld’s debut novel has been published in german under the title "was man sat" by suhrkamp verlag. The work is about a girl named jas, who grows up in a strict christian family. Her brother dies while ice skating, which the family believes is a punishment from god. Jas then flees with her siblings into a world of her own between childhood and adulthood.

Marieke lucas rijneveld was born in north brabant in 1991. In 2015, she published her award-winning poetry collection kalfsvlies. Your novel, which has now won an award, has caused a furor in the netherlands. 2019 saw the publication of her second volume of poetry, "fantoommerrie. Rijneveld lives in utrecht and works part-time on a farm.

The international booker literary award honors the best foreign-language and english-translated novels published in the uk. The prize money always goes equally to the author and the translator.

Six authors were recently on the list of nominees, including german-austrian writer daniel kehlmann for his book "tyll". Originally the winner should have been announced on 19. The deadline of may was announced, but because of the corona crisis, the date was postponed.

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