Bergmannskapelle stockheim presents brass music of the highest quality

The miners’ chapel in stockheim is always good for a surprise. This year, too, the klangkorper convinced at the traditional christmas concert in the school gymnasium with a top-class program – and this already for the 45th time. Male. And that is an absolute county record. Thus the scarce have demonstrated remarkable continuity.

The audience appreciates the class of this band. The school gymnasium was therefore excellently filled with 400 visitors from near and far. In addition, music lovers obviously couldn’t get enough of the miners’ band’s specialty, namely high-quality concert wind music. Only after two encores the audience love the 49 musicians and their conductor michael botlik from the stage of the festively decorated school gymnasium.

Harmonious sound body

What had already been foreshadowed last year, and which hardly anyone doubted, was also evident this year: michael botlik has formed the miners’ band into a harmonious body of sound, and has understood how to give it his own character. In many rehearsals, the man with the baton once again succeeded in motivating his musicians for the concert, which involved a great deal of effort, and in spurring them on to top performance.

Conversely, the musicians seem to have no difficulty in meeting the conductor’s high demands. It was clear to see that musical challenges give them pleasure and that they get into top form as a result of it. Without a doubt: this successful mixture of overall and individual performances guaranteed a high level of enjoyment in refreshingly played, concertante brass music.

"Music moves the world

The program, which sandra lauterbach-renk – now in her 26th year – explained in detail, was also responsible for this. This year’s motto for the concert was "music moves the world. And the evening began promisingly with the popular christmas carol medley "the spirit of christmas" by jacob de haan. This excellently coordinated musical interpretation for the christmas season was particularly pleasing. Above all, it symbolically describes the miracle of the holy night. Afterwards the musicians started a musical world trip, which had it in itself.

In "pilatus: mountain of dragons" by steven reineke the swiss mountain massif pilatus was in the foreground, where dragons do their mischief. It continued with a musical homage to the US state of virginia. The colonial era was remembered. In this case, too, jacob de haan shone with a strong composition on the american federal state.

One of the high points of the first part was undoubtedly the oustanding intermezzo scene "in a persian market" by albert W. Ketelbey. This was followed by the fast polka "vergnugungszug" by johann straub (son) as well as the march "in treue fest" (in loyalty firmly) by carl teike in the arrangement by ansgar weiberth.

After the break, the band started furiously with "south rampart street parade". This swing song also incorporates music from different parts of the world. It was followed promisingly by the latin american dance music "jungle fantasy", which also has africa as its content. Another musical treat was the hit medley "gloria estafette" in the arrangement by peter kleine schaars. Finally, the march "76 trombones" provided some variety by meredith wilson, spiritedly brought to ear.

During the encore, the music lovers – who were thanked with a minute-long ovation – were especially pleased with the "stockheim national anthem", the "gluckauf march", and the "gluckauf music", the "gluckauf march, and about barry ryan’s hit song, "eloise", are pleased.

District chairman and deputy president of the north bavarian music association, thomas kolb (steinwiesen), was impressed by the performance. District conductor michael botlik and his stockheimer schutzlings had done a great job. The concert was a wonderful christmas present, he said.

Mayor rainer detsch had to thank the band for the great performance. "This was another enchanting evening for everyone", swarmed the head of the community.

It should be noted that the miners’ band does not have to worry about its continued existence. Also this year the responsible persons proudly announced that romina heb (transverse flute), tim weiberth (percussion), linn beranek (percussion), thomas kestel (percussion) and isabell zipfel (oboe) have strengthened the miners’ band.

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