Apple avenue blossoms again

The agenda item "apple avenue" brought great joy at the youngest meeting of the stegaurach community council. For a quarter of a century, the development area in the village of debring was at a standstill. Now the way to twenty new residential buildings there is finally free. Peter bittel of the engineering firm wolf presented the development plan for the construction area. The council was of the opinion that the office had been very prudent in its planning, because traffic and noise were largely kept out of the area of apple avenue during this tree removal, which is only to be welcomed for the inner development of debrings.

After an intensive discussion about former development cost contributions and the regulation of incoming and outgoing traffic along apple avenue, the council’s only wish was that there should be as many flats as possible with insect-friendly plantings around the development area.

At the start of the first council meeting, social pedagogue dominique willemsen gave an impressive account of her work within the framework of the youth work model (jam) of the innovative social work association, or iso e.V. Bamberg, presented. With the youth work in the forsthaus, the community’s youth center, she reached 120 kids and young people last year, says willemsen in the closing summary of her presentation on the various areas of her work.

Committed young people

The vacation offers in the community and the cross-community day trips were also well received, explained willemsen. She was particularly pleased, and this was also echoed by the council, that the kids and young people from free stalls had participated with activities at the community’s medieval festival and at the christmas market.

The bridge to the seniors in the municipality was built by the young and the youngest in a very uncomplicated way. Although the youth activities continue to be more popular with boys, who account for almost 60 percent of the participants in activities, it has also been possible to install a girls’ club. It currently takes place every two weeks and regularly attracts around 20 girls.

Also noteworthy, according to willemsen, is that there has been a generational change in the youth users of the jam services. Between five and twelve years old, numerous clients of the community youth work in stegaurach are. For this reason, the social pedagogue is also well networked with the local school and the local associations. The goals are similar: education for self-reliance and self-determination, but also the promotion of the existing interest in community life and in the community as a whole.

Suggestions from the council for further jam work were gratefully received by dominique willemsen, and mayor thilo wagner (-FL), the representatives of the administration and the council thanked the pedagogue with warm applause.

The next item on the agenda was no less instructive. At the request of council member joseph hopfner, claudia muck from the public order department explained the legal situation with regard to the firing of bangers and fireworks. It turned out that the municipality itself has little room for maneuver if fireworks are registered and carried out by commercial and authorized professionals. The notification is then made to the trade supervisory office in coburg, which only has to forward a printout of the burn notice to the municipality.

Fireworks on homepage

For small fireworks of the class F2 the municipality is responsible, so muck further, and one proceeds thereby rather defensively. If the legal requirements are met, there is usually no other way than to authorize the event. Subject to weather conditions on the day of the event, the permits were then valid. In the past dry and bright summer, for example, it was only possible to permit the burning of fireworks once, because the weather conditions were right in this one case. After all, at the suggestion of the second mayor bernd fricke, and in the face of a rude frankness from mayor wagner and the administration, the council decided that the fireworks, which in the future will be registered regularly with the municipality, were displayed on the municipality’s homepage. For fireworks that are not regularly registered and carried out, the visit of the police is still to be expected.

Finally, the council approved the renewal of the water main and the crossing of the aurach at waizendorf, and adopted the new version of the ordinance on the maintenance and cleaning of public roads and the safety of footpaths in winter.

The burgerschaftliche commitment of the stegauracher burger e. V. The council acknowledged the restoration and refurbishment of a barbecue wagon, which the burgerverein had repaired over the past five years to the highest technical and visual standards, with words of appreciation and a small subsidy.

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