Anglers open the season

On sunday, 8. April, the season-opening fishing of the ASV hammelburg took place at the rentamtsweiher. It was the first community fishing of the club this year. Ca. 35 anglers of all ages gathered at the rentamt pond. In the beginning it looked very promising for a good fishing day because of the rising temperatures.
But the fish proved the opposite again. Despite the warm sunny days, the nights remained relatively cold and did not really encourage the fish to feed. A handful of fish have nevertheless been caught by anglers.

Gauze in the pond

But at such events the social aspect and the sociability is more important for the anglers.
A very present issue for the anglers is the mull, which is almost daily disposed of by people in the pond. In addition, the excessive feeding of the ducks by walkers, which leads to an increased fecal input of the ducks.
These two factors contribute to a drastic drop in the concentration of oxygen in the water, which deprives all living things below the surface of the water of the oxygen they need to breathe. In the worst case, a complete fish kill can be the result. For this reason, the ban on feeding ducks is also pointed out with signs, unfortunately in vain, as the anglers regret.
Nevertheless, the ASV will try to keep the pond attractive for walkers and tourists.

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