Adventure four wheel drive: 50.000 visitors despite rain

adventure four wheel drive: 50.000 visitors despite rain

A real off-roader is storm-tested and mud-resistant. This became clear when taking a look at the temporary camping area at the 15. Edition of the "adventure& allrad": the land at the recycling center was churned up like a troop training area. The coarse tires had left their mark there and on nearby roads. "We'll get it right again", mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) had said on friday afternoon.

The visitors did not mind all this. Marco mild from berlin was enthusiastic about the fair. The surveying technician was here for the fourth or fifth time. He liked it very much, like every year. The visit is worthwhile in any case". Because there are nice people, interesting vehicles, a great atmosphere, many innovations and ideas, which you can use get. 2014 he wants to come again; definitely.

Norbert buhse, like marco mild a member of the bulli regulars' table in berlin, has already been there three times, the last time twelve years ago. He is also a fan of europe's largest offroad trade show: "super, just super" be it.

The event is made possible by the efforts of around 50 volunteers who take extra vacation time for the event. Pia bauer has been with the company for at least ten years. She used to work mostly in the catering trade, but this time she and sonja weber were at the same checkout: "because it's a whole world of its own and because it's fun", she says. It is about a very special kind of people. Sonja weber is fascinated by the atmosphere; "it is a pleasure for me". Both want to be back in 2014.

Also the customs was there
The 15. "Adventure& all-wheel" was again a great success in spite of the bad weather. The fears of the organizers were not fulfilled, the visitors from the inland and abroad streamed with the rain in the region nearly around the bet. Peter robner (organizer pro-log gmbh) was pleased: there were no showers on the exhibition grounds during the opening hours. Large parts of the exhibition area are also roofed over.

On the dry opening day 18 came.500 visitors. On friday there were 11.600, on saturday only 100 less. On sunday, a few thousand still streamed in on a sunny day, said thomas schmitt (pro-log).

Not paid are the officials from the food control and those from the customs office schweinfurt in the fight against illegal employment. They had no complaints.

This year's guest of honor and crowd puller was TV presenter lina van de mars ("the checker") from berlin. She not only signed autographs, but also moderated a raffle. The main prize was a "pimped out" car and specially for the fair converted jeep cherokee XJ worth about 20.000 euro.

Before that, lina van der mars had taken one lap after another around the country at the wheel of a former german army truck. Also on board: carina neuper. She was beaming, her dad took pictures: "lina rides really well, and she's funny too."

The exhibitors were also satisfied. Malte meinck offered jewelry, T-shirts and caps with a specially created logo. He was at the "abenteuer&" for the second time all-wheel". Because "if the customers don't come to us, we have to go to them"." He also praises the atmosphere and the many nice people. The fair was a great event for the city, even if many visitors did not come to the center of town. His suggestion: motivate the guests with an extra attraction.

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