Advantages of led luminaires clearly outweigh the disadvantages

Advantages of led luminaires clearly outweigh the disadvantages

In his presentation, ralf schwarz from the company bayernwerk explained the outline of street lighting. 641 luminaires are currently in operation in the municipality, including 92 LED luminaires. As mayor horst rehder (BB) explained, the reason for the reorganization is the rough 5-year maintenance cycle of the streetlights.

"If the street lighting system is converted to energy-efficient LED technology, there will be synergy effects for the community in the context of the maintenance cycle, explained the mayor. The advantages of a reorganization outweighed the disadvantages. This has led to a significant reduction in electricity consumption, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

Electricity costs are reduced

The example calculation explained by schwarz for 549 affected municipal lighting points results in the following comparison at an electricity price of 22 ct/kwh. The previous HSE lights consumed 180386 kwh of electricity, resulting in annual gross electricity costs of almost 40,000 euros.

After the conversion to LED technology, consumption is reduced to 47,050 kwh. This reduced the gross annual electricity costs to around 10,500 euros.

Thus, about 133 000 kwh could be saved. It will also result in a C02 saving of 71.4 tons and electricity savings of approximately 29,300 euros gross annually.

The one-off investment costs, taking into account the maintenance-related discount, amount to around 180,500 euros gross. The amortization period is around 6.2 years.

Bayernwerk also offers the municipality the opportunity to agree on the outlining of the entire system within the framework of an energy-saving contracting agreement. In addition, the company took over the investment costs, so that the municipal budget was not burdened.

In this case, hebdorf will pay the investment costs back to bayernwerk in 76 monthly installments. After completion of the installment payment, the community benefited from the full cost savings.

Invoice only next year

The renovation can be completed before the next dark season. As a second option, schwarz offered to bill the company only in the coming year. At the next meeting, the municipal council will decide on the method of payment.Then the contract will also be available. 

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