Accident on the a73: quarrel with mother possible ringleader?

accident on the a73: quarrel with mother possible ringleader?

An unclothed ghost driver from coburg caused a fatal accident on highway 73 near bamberg on tuesday morning. The 31-year-old woman, her four-year-old daughter in the back seat, and the driver of an oncoming car were killed. The two vehicles had collided near hirschaid (bamberg district). A seven-year-old daughter of the wrong-way driver suffered severe head injuries. According to information from bavarian radio, the girl is said to be brain dead. A passenger in the other car was seriously injured.

Why the woman from coburg was naked at the wheel of her car is unclear. "We assume that she must have been in a state of psychological emergency", said a police spokesman in bayreuth. There are no indications for the time being that she wanted to commit suicide. Nothing is known about a possible dispute with her husband, who lives separately from her.

However, the police confirmed a report in the "bild" newspaper on wednesday-newspaper, according to which the woman had a loud argument with her mother on monday. However, police officers who were called to the scene classified the situation as harmless, as the women calmed down again.

Psychological state of emergency

45 minutes before the accident, the wrong-way driver had been seen naked at a gas station in coburg, according to the police. There she had filled up without paying and stolen several bottles of mineral water from the kiosk. She is said to have shouted confused sentences. The gas station tenant then alerted the police. But when the patrol arrived, the woman had already moved on.

The family and friends of the 31-year-old are now being intensively investigated, it was said. "It will be very difficult to clarify the background of this tragedy. Answers could probably only be provided by the woman herself", said the police spokesman.

Seven-year-old girl brain dead

The wrong-way driver's seven-year-old daughter was ejected from the vehicle in the crash and suffered life-threatening head injuries. A rescue helicopter took them to a clinic. The girl is now brain dead, as a police spokesman confirmed to bavarian radio on thursday.It is unclear whether the children were strapped into their back seats. The small car was so badly damaged by the collision that it was not immediately clear, according to the reports.

The oncoming car was driven by a 25-year-old man from the vogtland district of saxony. His 54-year-old co-driver comes from the district of bamberg. The collision of the two cars on the A73 caused debris to fly onto the oncoming carriageway. There another car skidded. The driver was not injured.The A73 in the direction of suhl was closed for hours. Experts, police and prosecutors were at the scene of the accident. It is not known exactly where the woman drove onto the highway in the wrong direction.

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