A trio wants to succeed willy sendelbeck

Eckehard kiesewetter the citizens of rentweinsdorf are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the elections on sunday, because there will definitely be a change in the town hall in the market town. After more than a quarter of a century in office, willi sendelbeck vacates the chief’s chair. At 72, the SPD politician from salmsdorf is no longer standing for election.

Three candidates are preparing to make the generational change perfect: stefan horn as candidate of the rentweinsdorf independent list (RUL) as well as steffen kropp (SPD) and gerhard schmidt (CSU). The CSU has three seats on the current council, the SPD five, and the RUL did not run in the 2014 municipal elections.

Of all things, the free voters/uberparteiliche wahlergemeinschaft, with five mandate holders the strongest group in the market town council, is not putting up its own mayoral candidate this time around. Six years ago, their candidate kurt weibheimer narrowly failed in a runoff election with 520:533 votes in an attempt to unseat willy sendelbeck.

Favorable location

Rentweinsdorf, with its ten official districts, is particularly popular as a place to live. Here there are sought-after and affordable building areas and good transport links by rail and federal highway. It takes just half an hour to get to centers like bamberg, coburg or the county seat habfurt, which attracts young families! The immediate neighbor is the town of ebern, where all types of schools, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, shopping facilities, major employers and attractive recreational facilities such as outdoor and indoor swimming pools can be found. Rentweinsdorf is part of the ebern administrative community and, as a member of the baunach alliance, is geared toward close cooperation with neighboring municipalities. With the expansion of the kindergarten "budenzauber the community has embarked on an ambitious and – because of the difficult location – time-consuming construction project, but plans for additional building sites and a new fire station are also being discussed. All three candidates agree that the market town council should do everything in its power to challenge and honor volunteerism. And all three are counting on an election campaign without controversy or fuss. One wants to be elected after the 15. Marz work together constructively!

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