“A complete success” and more profit

Although spring is already knocking on the door, representatives of the cultural ring and some of ebern's institutions once again discussed the pre-christmas mulled wine stand that took place around the neptune fountain on the market square in 2019 and attracted hundreds of visitors.

Eberhard wohl, the organizer and former chairman of the cultural ring, drew a positive conclusion. "The gluhweinstand was again a great success, was very well received and the new features were also well received by the visitors", is probably looking forward.

Flyers and posters

For the first time this year, the advertising drum was beaten a little more than usual by designing and distributing attractive flyers and posters. In addition, there were the different topics that each appointment had, such as the "pensioners' meeting", well received by the burgers. In 2019, it was possible to find a musical accompaniment for almost every gluhwein evening.

According to eberhard, minor changes could still be made to the stalls in coordination with the building yard. In any case, there will be the ebern gluhweinstand again in 2020. Eberhard probably already has new ideas, which he would like to implement.

For a better agreement

There are only two points that have upset eberhard: firstly, the gluhweintreff, which took place on 6. December the santa claus should come by. This event was not well attended, he regretted, because there had already been an event with mulled wine and a visit from saint nicholas in the church beforehand. Here one could better coordinate in the future, he said.

On the other hand, right at the beginning of the gluhwein stand, around 50 gluhwein cups were stolen or not returned after use, so that over time deposits were demanded, which naturally made the work of handing out gluhwein more difficult.

In eberhard wohl's comparison of the gluhwein stand in 2018 with 2019, it is clear that in 2019 considerably more gluhwein was served and also more was consumed. This was clearly evident from the income, to which walter ullrich, chairman of the cultural ring, said: "i am pleased that the gluhweinstand is so successful."

7700 euro earned

After the gluhweinstand 2018 about 5500 euro could be distributed to the participating institutions. This time it is even 7700 euro, which can be spent on the twelve institutions, which have organized the gluhweinstand with, can.

Positive feedback was received from the representatives of the institutions present, such as the municipal kindergarten, the parents' council of the elementary school, the workers' welfare association, the building yard and the fire department. The cooperation is very good and the gluhweinstand is a great addition to ebern, he said. Those present pledged their support again for 2020.

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